Bleeding Gum

Many of our visitors often indicate that their gums bleed when brushing teeth or when eating. I want to start saying that healthy gums do not bleed. There are multiple causes leading to bleeding gums, but the most common cause is a bacterial infection.

What relationship between bacteria and bleeding gums?

bleeding gums resulted when you do not follow:

  • Gingivitis and the presence of plaque.-
  • taking certain drugs “as a heart disease and blood pressure medicines.
  • Lack of vitamin C.
  • disturbance in hormones during adolescence or during pregnancy.
  • fixing a tight dentures.

How serious bleeding gums?

Bleeding gums is a message from your gums to you. Telling you that your bleeding gums need to care and cleaning. Your negligence of this letter may lead to increasing the problem of bleeding and the occurrence of complications . you may use a wrong tooth brushing method . dentists advise teeth brushing for at least two minutes. But often the problem of bleeding gums continue even after brushing teeth properly for several days. This occurs because of the inability of toothbrush bristles to reach accumulated plaque in the areas between the teeth. So the radical solution to the problem of bleeding gums is the teeth cleaning by a dentist .

Dentist can ideally remove plaque and put an end for bleeding gums.

How can I avoid bleeding gums?

Key steps:

  1. Brush your teeth using a soft toothbrush after every meal.
  2. Use floss once a day at least.
  3. Visit your dentist every six months at least to remove the plaque, which are difficult to access with a brush.
  4. rinse with warm water and salt.
  5. Avoid eating between the three main meals.
  6. Avoid eating foods high in carbohydrates to prevent the formation of plaque on the teeth.
  7. Eat foods of high fiber content such as “apples, carrots, brown bread.”

Additional steps to reduce bleeding gums:

  • Avoid smoking.
  • If your denture is tight (go to the dentist immediately to solve this problem.
  • Avoid aspirin (unless under your physician advise).
  • If you have a deficiency in vitamins (take Multivitamins once daily).

What is the benefit of eating high-fiber foods?

Eat high-fiber foods help to strengthen the gum tissue. Chewing fiber leads to generate moderate pressure which increases the activity of blood circulation in the gums, leading to more robust and resilient gums, gums in this aspect are similar to body muscles requiring persistent activation. On the other hand , neglect or lack of muscles exercise lead to weakness and atrophy , as well as the case of the gums . Eating soft foods frequently (such as hamburgers, French fries) leads to weakness and atrophy gum tissue, which minimizes their ability to resist the attack of bacterial . It is worth mentioning that eating solid foods as ice or chicken bones or opening bottle caps or cracking nuts lead to tremendous pressure on the gums, leading to their tear and damage , and thus to its weakness, just as is the case with the muscles of the body . high burden on muscles lead to their tear and weakness .