Lenses Tooth

What is the lumineers

(teeth lenses, interfaces ceramic) as they are called thin crust does not exceed the thickness of 0.3 mm and not need to prepare, but in some cases, may necessitate simple cancellation cutting edge and without anesthesia patient, of course, with the possibility that the colors Alblij (snow), which was formerly the preserveon the American and Belgian companies recently.

It is worth mentioning that it made from Zarcnah and everyone knows how outweigh zircon ceramic membranes that make them lumineers in America.

And which distinguishes the zircon lumineers :

  • Accurate color so it will not matter in the rest of the regulations and gives colors depending on the Vita Classic evidence full 16 resolution color.
  • The possibility of work one teeth or more non-necessary work for each tooth.
  • Rigors of high up to 1800Hv so be harsh ceramic lumineers 550hv after affixing.
  • Vitality of zircon and suitability to the gum tissue and being a natural Material 100%.

Benefits of lumineers:

  1. Coordination of teeth.
  2. fill gaps between the teeth.
  3. Repairing broken teeth.
  4. Whitening and cosmetic dentistry.