If your teeth crowded or crooked or if your smile is Unordered, it is possible that you need to Orthodontics your teeth. The Orthodontics form a slight pressure continuously on the teeth for a relatively long, this light pressure directing teeth desired direction after move teeth the bone surrounding the roots of teeth formation the same around the new sites of teeth. this movement of the bone is very important which it what prevents dental Back to the old place after the completion of treatment.

How could I know if I need Orthodontics?

Orthodontist is the best can evaluate your condition , the specialist will ask general questions about your health, and will take editions and rays of the teeth and jaws, then he can describe it treatment plan for you and tell you what you need to Orthodontics or not.

What types of Orthodontics?

  • Protective Orthodontics at children to prevent worsening any problem, or trying to preventing God willing, “in some simple cases be all that a patient needs is moving Orthodontics, you can take off at occasions.”
  • Functional orthodontics: During period of growth to amend and stimulate the growth one of jaws or both: in other cases requires orthodontics surgery (surgical Orthodontics).
  • Fixed orthodontics: most often be fixed Orthodontic is the appropriate means for treatment and Fixed orthodontics with several forms including (metallic – colored transparent – lingual ceramic or hidden).

How long orthodontics?

Adopted the time which orthodontics takes it on the situation of the teeth and gums, and the distance that must the teeth moving it, and also on the response of the patient and the regularity of appointments, so the time it takes orthodontics varies from person to person, but often takes treatment between one and three years after remove Calendar patient must put moving orthodontics throughout the day for a period of six months, then moving can placed only at bedtime for a period determined by physician.

How often should i review orthodontist during treatment?

Most Orthodontists see patients one time per month almost, during this visit, they Replace wires and Tighten it, to make sure that the orthodontics make the required pressure to move the teeth to new sites.

Is orthodontics cause pain?

May some modifications carried out by Orthodontist cause pain or feeling discomfort, in this case, can take any of painkillers to get of pain, if the pain is severe or chronic speak with your doctor, he who can reduce severity of pain according as he see.

Is age Have any effect on the orthodontics success?

Teeth moving process is Uncommitted by age, so it can for kids and adults benefit from orthodontics, the difference between adults and children is that adult teeth are Surrounded by bone is usually harder, so it may take longer time in the treatment .

What are the steps that follow orthodontics?

When you remove the orthodontics doctor will clean the teeth, then HE will take rays and new editions of the teeth after treatment for comparison between the state of the teeth before and after, in the case of wisdom tooth Appearance during or after treatment, usually doctor will ask you Dislocated it to prevent the wisdom tooth of pressure on the teeth that have been evaluating and maintaining their new sites.

Orthodontics Department at Modern Dental Center works under the supervision of specialists who are skilled and highly qualified in dealing with the most difficult cases are accurate diagnosis on the rays of Oral and Maxillofacial images and example gypsum under their supervision all, to be the treatment plan and diagnosis documented and approved before starting treatment.