Facelift Cosmetic Lines

Facelift with cosmetic threads is a modern non-surgical cosmetic methods that give natural and immediate results within 30 minutes – the duration of the operation

The threads used in face-lift consist of polypropylene, which are threads used for many years in stitches and veins, which do not move inside the body to other places. It does not cause allergies. They do not need total anesthesia. They are prone to local anesthesia. Facial expressions do not affect change

Face lift is used to correct the position of the eyelid, and the lines that appear around the nose. It is also used to correct the shape of the mouth and lips, to tighten the neck and eliminate wrinkles of the cheeks. Tensile operation is easy to use and shorten, several hours of operation and face lift in this way avoids problems caused by plastic surgery, the thread is removed after a few minutes, and does not need a long recovery period after the operation, less expensive operation compared to facial surgery

The results of tension tension last from 1 to 18 months and vary from woman to woman depending on the degree of skin elasticity and tissue integrity. Age and surrounding factors influence the effect and duration of the results