Oral Cancer

Oral cancer includes benign and malignant tumors that affect the mouth and lips (often lower lip) and salivary glands. The men are more prone to oral cancer than women, and often affects those over forty. The smoking and the consumption of alcohol are the most important factors for oral cancer. As is the case for all types of cancers, the early detection of oral cancer in its early stages greatly assist in providing greater opportunities for the success of the treatment. Hence the importance of visiting the dentist regularly to detect the disease in its initial stages, and to start treatment before further bad developments .

The importance of early detection of the disease:

visit the dentist regularly gives the opportunity to early detection of the disease before it spreads. The dentist will examine the neck of the patient and his mouth tissues, looking for tumors, ulcers, red or white patches. the diagnosis of changes in the various tissues of the mouth may lead to discovery of oral cancer in its early stages and thus treated successfully. Otherwise , late discovery of oral cancer may cause , the malignant tumors to grow deep in the tissues of the mouth, and then spread to reach the lymph nodes in the head and neck, which makes the situation more complicated.

Since the early detection of the disease is of great importance, it is very necessary to visit the dentist when you notice any change in the mouth or when infection in one of the following symptoms:

  • oral sores or continuing infections that causes bleeding , especially those which are not easily healed.
  • change in the color of the tissues of the mouth, for example the color may change to red or white.
  • pain , weakness or numbness in different parts of the mouth or lips.
  • sudden weakness in the teeth.
  • The presence of tumors, thickening, rough spots, or corroded parts inside the mouth.
  • Difficulty in chewing, swallowing, speaking or moving the jaw or tongue.
  • change the consistency of the teeth with each other on each of the jaws when the mouth is closed completely.

What are the ways to prevent oral cancer:

Stop Smoking: Smoking is on of main factors for oral cancer, especially if accompanied by excessive alcohol intake. In fact, this excessive intake of alcohol side smoking is main cause of injury approximately 75% of patients oral cancer to Residents of United States America.

Practice healthy habits: some lifestyles addition to the different environmental factors Increase from risk oral cancer. For example.

Eating tobacco products: It may lead to cancer of the mouth.

Exposure to the sun for long periods continuously: may lead to cancer of lips.

Work in factories or ports or fuel pumps.

Maintaining the integrity of oral: Try to inspect health status your mouth during routine dental cleaning. Get rid of oral cancer risk factors (such quitting smoking and alcohol intake).

Visit the dentist to perform necessary tests to detect oral cancer early.