Tooth Ache

The definition of the word “pain” Differs from one person to another. But in general, the more the person concerns with healthcare of his teeth, the less likely a pain. the main reason of tooth pain is the deep dental cares or gum disease. The proper healthcare of your teeth will avoid dental cars and gum infections and thus help you avoid the pain.

There are many causes of tooth pain, all annoying. The best way to identify the cause of the pain is knowing the type of tooth pain and its severity.

What are the causes of acute toothache ?

There are several reasons for acute toothache , including:

1.Pain when eating food or drinks cold or hot or sugary :

This pain results of a cavity in the tooth because of cares . Food or drinks enter into the tooth and the stimulates the nerve supply , causing pain. In the early days pain lasts a few seconds to a minute

treatment of this case is to put a dental filling to close the cavity.

2.Severe pain without any cause or acute pain during sleep:

This pain is due to the attack of cares to the nerve:

you may get rid of this pain by following one of two the following options : treatment of the nerve or extraction of the tooth . Treatment depends on the extent of dental cares . If it is widespread and has damaged a large portion of the tooth structure , then the solution is to extract the tooth. If the tooth is restorable then the best way is root canal treatment.

3. Acute pain when chewing ( on occlusion of teeth ) :

pain may be caused of :

  • A fracture of a tooth or tooth root.
  • Acute inflammation at the root of the tooth.

pain may be relieved by : either root canal treatment or extraction of tooth .

4. Severe pain when brushing teeth:

With the deteriorating of the health condition of the gums due to negligence or because of age, the gum recedes revealing the sensitive teeth roots. Touching brush to these roots or touching the inflamed gums will cause tooth ache .

If the pain is a result of gum disease , then treatment begins by cleaning it at the dentist and follow his instructions. But If the pain is due to a contact of the rush to the sensitive tooth roots , then the use of special toothpaste for sensitive teeth for a week at least is enough to solve the problem. See your dentist to find out the best toothpaste for your condition.

At any stage of tooth pain I have to visit the dentist?

You should consult your dentist as soon as possible when:

  • tooth pain continues for more than a day or two.
  • tooth pain is severe and intolerable.
  • feel high temperature (fever).
  • feel pain in your ears.
  • You cannot open your mouth normally.

The medical examination and then provide appropriate treatment for your condition are of high significance to avoid the spread of tooth pain to other parts of your face and your head or it may spread to move through the circulatory system.

What happens during a visit to the dentist?

Your dentist will seek to get your previous medical file , you will also be subject to a thorough medical examination. Your doctor will ask you some questions about your teeth and pain , such as :

  • When you begin to feel pain?
  • What is the severity of the pain?
  • Where exactly you feel the pain ?
  • What makes your pain worse?
  • What helps you to remove the pain and make you feel better?

Your dentist will examine each of:

  • Mouth.
  • Teeth.
  • Your gums.
  • your jaws.
  • Tongue.
  • Your throat.
  • Mouth cavities.
  • Your ears.
  • Nose.
  • neck.

Then the dentist may perform an X-Ray to further make a differential diagnosis for the cause of pain . then he will give the appropriate treatment for the pain .

How to avoid tooth ache ?

Since most tooth pain results from decay or gum disease, you follow the instructions for oral and dental hygiene which will have a great role in reducing the risk of tooth ache . These habits include:

  • brushing teeth regularly , using toothpaste containing fluoride.
  • cleaning teeth using floss once a day at least.
  • visit the dentist at least twice a year to make the proper teeth care and cleaning .

In addition to these healthy habits, you must reduce sugary foods ask your dentist about the best types of treatment with fluoride.

You can also refer to the section on how to avoid tooth decay , assisted with animated slide show that explains the proper way to brush your teeth and floss.