Tooth Decay

Contribute to urge pregnant women to eat sugary foods to make them more susceptible to tooth decay.

May be older teeth that have fillings are also vulnerable to injury caries around the edges of these fillings. .Where they missed teethwhen them was younger. Important to know the benefits of fluoride and other modern medical guidelines that would help them avoid this problem. Weaken or break this Filling with the passage of time, allowing bacteria to accumulate in very small aperture causing tooth decay.

How is tooth decay diagnosed?

Your dentist diagnoses tooth decay by:Asking questions about your past dental and medical problems and care.Examining your teeth, using a pointed tool and a small mirror.Taking X-rays of your teeth and mouth.

How is it treated?

Treatment for tooth decay depends on how bad it is. You may be able to reverse slight tooth decay by using fluoride.

To fix cavities caused by mild tooth decay, your dentist will fill the cavities with another substance (fillings).

Smart fillings : that not only fill a tooth, but prevent further decay have been designed using modern technology.