Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom is Latest tooth in the mouth configuration. Appears for most of us Wisdom Teeth, one in each corner. These tooth usually arise during last years of adolescence or early twenties.

Wisdom Teeth made up and appear in a small percentage of people naturally as the rest of the teeth where it is used these wisdom teeth as the rest of the teeth without any negative symptoms. But in many times be the emergence of wisdom tooth partly as a result of crowding teeth in the jaw congestion and the lack of enough. This leads to many problems like the decay or topical infections or gum disease around the wisdom tooth. In most cases, it is recommended dislocated wisdom tooth. But sometimes keeping the wisdom tooth is the perfect solution.

What are symptoms appearance wisdom tooth?

  • swelling gums in oral Latest.
  • halitosis.
  • change in oral taste.
  • pain or discomfort at open oral or when chewing or biting.
  • persistent pain for several days and then disappears for several weeks or months and then return to emergence again.

visit your dentist regularly contributes to help track the status of dental health. And after that the mouth is checked and take the necessary rays, your dentist can be achieved and a wisdom tooth and then determine whether requires dislocation.

What are the cases that require dressing wisdom tooth?

The emergence of small parts of the wisdom tooth on the surface of the gums. Which leads to a slot on the surface of the gums, where they accumulate the bacteria causing severe infections. This is in addition to pain, swelling and difficulty opening the mouth. Damage to adjacent teeth of the wisdom tooth when there is no space to him in a row of teeth.